Dear Rain, we are taking over.

This one-size fits most handbag poncho is the ideal solution to protect your purses from the weather while making a fashion statement all at the same time. Dear Rain™ blends fashion and fun as it includes a note to the rain, reminding it that the days when it could damage your bags are long gone. The see-through material allows you to continue to show your beautiful handbag while keeping it safe and dry.

The best materials and construction to keep your prized handbags looking like they did when you first bought them.

Dear Rain ™ uses only the best materials out there. Our covers are constructed out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material known for being durable, anti-static, tear and bending-resistant, breathable and water-proof. We then weld the TPU to create a design that will keep your purse dry and protected.