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FTL Moda’s Feb. 15th Fashion Show Set To Launch ABC and FWO to Live Stream

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — FTL Moda is preparing for its NYFW runway presentations after announcing the opening of its new multibrand showroom in the heart of Manhattan.

The FW2016 series of shows is scheduled for February 15, on the heels of its #IAmNYFW event on February 13.

ABC and partners Fashion Week Online are set to stream the event live.

Rising as the new hub for promotion and market penetration of niche international labels and designers, FTL Moda announces a renewed partnership with Global Disability Inclusion, to continue pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry to include diversity in all areas.

Once again we’ll see the familiar faces of diversely abled talents such as Madeline Stuart, the model with Down’s Syndrome, Rebekah Marine, the bionic model, and Shaholly Ayers, the first amputee model to walk in NYFW without a prosthesis.

Shaholly — a congenital amputee — suffered horrible bullying when she was a child. At age 18 she left her native Ohio to become a role model for the many who would have never believed they had a shot in the industry. She is also a 2016 brand ambassador for Global Disability Inclusion, who has partnered with FTL Moda for the past two years to bring disability to NYFW. Shaholly’s journey has been shaped by this partnership and she has modeled in Milan Fashion Week, for Nordstrom and Wilhelmina.


Opening with top Made in Italy, Mr. De Curtis, an innovative style-insurrectionist label whose designer fights against all that is obvious and predictable in favor of changes that make a better tomorrow. Strict codes have no meaning; synchronicity in full Sartorial-Punk mood.

Italy will be on stage again with the impeccable and contemporary ready to wear by FUMO Bespoke: the Neapolitan maison debuts at NYFW with a capsule full of energy and love for what is beautiful.

Couture will be protagonist with Parisienne label Lulu et Gigi, creating marvelous garments for the new youth that is building its taste for elegance, finesse, and charming lines.

A fresh taste of streetwear will be brought by the inspiring capsule signed by Dunyah, adding his vigorous connotations while merging the delicate and refined touch of his unique man couture with the energetic design of his underground trousers.

Adolfo Sanchez will close the second segment with his “Light to Dark” collection, focused on romance and sensuality for his sophisticated womenswear; his research for beauty mixed to style will once again bring magic on the runway.

A little entertainment break will be presented by Dear Rain, the fun and surprising accessory line debuting in New York with a touch of fun and a lot of glam!

Josefa Da Silva will present a full prét à couture collection, while naturally becoming the spokes designer of inclusiveness for FW2016: the Capoverde native and Boston-based designer is a natural talent in fashion, proudly carrying her African heritage that manifests itself strongly while representing a landmark of her fashion journey.

These designers will create an energized setting for the launch of the FTL MODA Collection. Reaching an additional milestone on its 10th anniversary, FTL MODA, founded and run by Ilaria Niccolini Productions, finally debuts its first capsule of contemporary and edgy ready to wear, designed by internationally acclaimed celebrity couturier Furne Amato.

AmatoHaute Couture has already been worn by luminaries such as Heidi Klum, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lopez.

Shoes to complete the presentation will be by Gasoline Glamour, that regularly complements looks of celebrities of the caliber of Lady Gaga, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry, and many others.

According to creator Ilaria Niccolini:
“It’s indeed quite an emotional experience to be working on an agenda of this caliber for 2016. Between the opening of our Manhattan headquarters to the growth of our inclusiveness campaign #IAmNYFW, we managed to finalize our splendid – let me tell you! – prét àporter capsule, as well as our #IAmNYFW line.
“This not only makes us proud for the significance of such contents, but makes us joyful and grateful for the wonderful synergies that we renewed with partners and friends such as GDI, Art Hearts Fashion, and new strong allies such as Fashion Week Online.
“We’re all working together to consolidate a real, pragmatic and prestigious hub and stage for excellence.”

FTL MODA at NYFW will open its doors at 5:30 pm on Monday, February 15th 2016, at the Angel Orsensaz Foundation, supported by Global Disability Inclusion and Art Hearts Fashion, and with the media partnership of Fashion Week Online.
The show will live stream to anyone with an Internet connection at

FTL Moda Press Release

FTL Moda Press Release

, and on ABC News’ live stream channel on February 15th. Details to come.
Live streaming of the event is presented by Birrificio Angelo Poretti.


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