Notes to the rain

Dear Rain, in your dreams. Handbag Poncho

Dear Rain

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Dear Rain, in your dreams. Handbag Poncho

This one-size fits most handbag poncho is the ideal solution to protect your handbags from the weather while making a fashion statement all at the same time. Dear Rain™ blends fashion and fun. It includes a note to the rain, reminding it that the days when it could damage your handbags are long gone. The see-through material allows you to continue to show your beautiful handbag while keeping it safe and dry.


  • Printed with the words “Dear Rain™, in your dreams.” on the front of the poncho.
  • 18"W X 12"H X 7"D
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  • Includes a TPU pouch for easy storage, making it easy to keep one in every bag so you can be prepared when the clouds roll by.

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