About us

You make plans to go out and go through your typical list to get ready: Outfit: picked. Sunglasses to match: done. Shoes for the occasion: check. Handbag: matches your outfit perfectly and has everything you may need inside.

You are out the door and, before you know it, it is pouring out there. The bad news? Even if you were smart enough to check for the weather and brought an umbrella with you, there is no way you will be able to keep dry that cute bag you brought with you.

Ever been in that situation? I have.

I was on vacation with my family in the Gold Coast, where it is always sunny… except during our stay. We were prepared for all sorts of activities, but we never thought it would rain. So, while sitting in a taxi having run from where we were to get in the taxi, covering my purse with my entire body, I found myself soaking wet, but with a dry handbag, and promising myself to create Dear Rain ™ to help women keep their handbags safe from rain, sleet and snow.

 Dear Rain, game over.